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Adlabs Media Network - maximum reach
and higly competitive prices.
AdLabs Media Network Supply Side Platform

AdLabs Media Network's traffic is available via our real-time bidding platform.

Currently we support two integration options:

  • AMN SSP v.0.3 - cost-per-click bidding, simplified protocol.
  • AMN SSP v.1.0, OpenRTB 2.0 compatible - impression-based bidding, OpenRTB 2.0 protocol.
  • Every day in AMN SSP:
  • 17 000 000 unique visitors according to Liveinternet.
  • 300 000 000 ad unit impressions.
  • Our clients
    • and more than 5 000 other premium advertisers.
    Our publishers
    • and more than 20 000 other sites and mobile apps